Get Paypal Acount in Pakistan

Get Paypal Acount in Pakistan

Paypal is the the largest online payment Proccessor. People are worried because, “ Paypal not support Pakistan?”. Stop worry. I am using Paypal account since 2011.

Get Paypal Acount in Pakistan

No problem so far and I hope Insha Allah everything goes well with my account.. In this post, I’ll tell you about using Paypal in Pakistan.
First Step
Go to and register the account. Follow the following guidelines during registration process.
– Choose Account Type “Premier” (You can also upgrade to Business later on).
– When you’re about to select a country, then do not choose any Asian country. I’ll suggest you to go with Cyprus it is default selected.
-If you’re a webmaster and use to send and receive money online then, I’ll suggest to use your real name.
– Don’t include your real address in the field. You can put anything fake like House # 35, Street # 3 etc.
– Use the email address which is always active and you believe that you’ll use it forever. By the way, you’ll still be able to add another email address after registration.
Second Step
Once your account is created, don’t get excited. There are few more things still needed to be done. As you see in your account, your status is shown unverified. This is because Paypal wants accounts to be verified using Bank accounts or Credit Cards numbers. You can not verify it using your Pakistani bank account. I don’t know about the Pakistani Credit Cards, if they work with Paypal or not but it is a strong suggestion not to use it because Paypal will be able to track you with it.
Third Step
This step will look quite difficult to some of my fellows but no need to worry. Once your account is ready, start sending and receiving money. As we’re using illegal Paypal account, therefore, we’ve illegal ways of verifying it. But yo can easily use unverified account upto a limit.The most popular way of verifying Paypal account is using Virtual Credit Card (VCC). I verified my Paypal account with VCC. You can find VCC’s on making money forums. Make sure you find a seller who will not scam you. Google for VCC as well.
VCC usually costs $5-$15. Don’t pay anyone for more than this. Just follow the seller instructions carefully. VCC normally works for 3 days. So make sure you respond quickly to the seller.
Once again, beware of scammers.
Fourth Step
Once your account is verified, you’re free to use worldwide without any limitations. But still there are few things to remember;
– Never contact Paypal about your account
– Once Paypal detects you for cheating, they’ll freeze your account and you’ll loss all your earnings. So never keep high amount in Paypal account. Transfer them to other payment processors e.g. Alertpay etc.
– Never tell the buyer that your account is illegal. He/she can report about your account to Paypal.
Hence, these are the few methods which I tried on my Paypal Account and still using it since 2009. If you find any problem, then don’t hesitate to contact me.

In Pakistan You cannot withdraw money from Paypal but you can invest and buy anything online.



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