How to Verify PayPal with Payoneer Master Debit Card

Many people are looking to learn how to Verify PayPal Account In Pakistan and other countries where there is no paypal or Just you not having Bank Account to verify Paypal.

You can get now USA based verified paypal in every country and can withdraw paypal via your Payoneer Master Card by using their US Payment Service.

how to verify withdraw paypal

Are you already having Payoneer card? If not than Sign up here 

1. Go to PayPal site and click on Signup, Select United State as country
2. Write Fake address but all of other informations in form should be correct.
3. Verify your email and login to Paypal

How to Verify Paypal with Payoneer Card

  1. Goto  Payoneer sign up and apply free Payoneer Master debit card.
  2. Once you get approved you will receive card within 21 days.
  3. After getting Payoneer card, activate it and apply for USA payment Service.
  4. They will reply you within 2 days and ask some questions, Reply them all. As payment source Paypal etc.
  5. Once USA Payment Service activated, Payoneer will give you Bank Account information.
  6. Go to Paypal, Click on Get verified with Bank, Enter all Bank informations and Click submit.
  7. Paypal will send you 2 small deposits in your Payoneer Account within 2 days, Goto Payoneer and check in transaction history.
  8. When you get deposits, Goto Paypal and write exacts deposit amounts and Submit.
  9. Now your Paypal will be verified and you can Enjoy the world of Online Business with Paypal.
  10. You can deposit and withdraw money from Paypal with Payoneer card by using withdraw to bank option in Paypal. Absolutely free.