Web Site Promotion

Promoting your website is the key in earning money. Good promotion means good amount of traffic and traffic is money for you.
Here are basic 5 ways to promote your website no matter what kind of a website you run.

  1. Social Bookmarking
  2. Forum Posting
  3. Blog Posting
  4. Directory Submission
  5. Link Exchange

There are many bookmarking services like del.icio.us, stumbleupon.com, foldk.com etc. People bookmark their favorite sites to make them available to them no matter where ever they are. Similarly, people also like to search through bookmarks of others as they  feel it valuable. Hence bookmarking your website (maximum pages) can result in good and quality traffic coming to your site.
Forum Posting is a way by which webmasters sign up on forums related to their website niche and then participate in discussions while leaving their website’s signature in the footer of their message. It is important that one should use appropriate keyword as anchor text for such footers so that it should not only attract its reader but also become useful in improving search engine rankings. Usually forums allow up to 3 signature links in your forum posts. However several forums don’t allow even one. So be careful and choose only those forums where they allow signatures.
Blog Posting
is very useful if you do run your own blog. Go and search about blogs related to your blog and then read posts to submit your comments on that with a link to your website. Usually blog comments are  submitted with a link back to your site. Moreover, you can also refer to a particular post URL of your blog in the comment message if it is related to the post your are commenting on. This will direct more visitors to your site. Blog Posts can also help improve your search engine ranking. However
Google only counts Do Follow blog comments. So be careful while posting.
Directory Submission is an old but still useful way of promoting a new website. There are thousands of website directories available on internet that allows you free or paid listing. Initially, you can only focus on free directories but later on as you grow, you can purchase listing in good quality directories such as yahoo directory.
Link Exchange is a bit technical stuff for webmasters. In this way, website owner search related websites and then drop them an email to see if they are interested in link exchange. A two way link exchange give equal benefits to both parties. However there are also more advanced techniques such as Tree-Way link exchanges that give the benefits of one way links. Moreover, some sites also sell one way links on per month or year basis. However google dislike link trade. So better to avoid it.