Make Money of Minuteworkers

Want to make money for doing very simple tasks, and wont take 5 minutes from your time ?? then you must try Minuteworkers.
Minuteworkers is a community where employers can hire some people (workers) to get their jobs done. and in return they pay them. so the idea is easy, you do a task and you get paid!
Don’t worry those tasks are very easy and wont take a time, such as:

  1. Signing up for some websites and activating your membership. and sometimes they ask for some conditions in order to approve your task, in that case they will pay you more than just signing up.
  2. Visiting websites and commenting on articles.
  3. Doing some tasks on social networks, like Facebook  & Twitter ( Posting a link on your profile, liking something, using an app ) .
  4. Downloading files from websites like or

And for every task you will get paid about 10 cents up to $1.5 per task, at this time of writing this post there is about 110 tasks are available, and always there are new tasks everyday, and also they pay you 5 cents for every person you refer and 10 cents when that persons completes a task successfully.
You will get paid once you have $ 2 in your account, and payments are made via PayPal and AlertPay every two weeks.
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