CO.CC – Free Domain

I’ve seen people looking for free domain names for their websites. I remembered when I was new to web development; I did the same thing searching Google for hours, looking for the free domain names registration websites. People think that they can get free top level domain names i.e. com, net, org etc. But the websites offering such top level domain names for free also ask something in return.
I believe some of you still don’t have the domain names or sub domains. Therefore, I’m here to discuss a free domain name registration website with you . Yes, you heard it right;  provides free domain name registration with free DNS service.

I usually start my small web development projects with CO.CC and move them to top level domain extensions after getting popularity. There are plenty of websites offering free domain names registration but CO.CC is recommended because first, they’re the only free domain names provider which has good reputation in the internet industry; second, they provides the free DNS service with every domain name. You’re allowed to register 3 domain names with each account. If you don’t want to use DNS service, then the domain forwarding service is also available.